Cool Minecraft House Ideas and designs With Building Guide

If you are roaming around searching for Minecraft house ideas then you are at the very right place. 

I have gone through various articles, videos, and found the coolest Minecraft house ideas for you. Enjoy These Unique Minecraft house designs.

A big house design and idea built in minecraft with swimming pool and gardens around it
Cool Minecraft House Ideas and designs 2021

Minecraft House Ideas And Designs


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Modern Minecraft House ideas

Minecraft modern house ideas and designs

Minecraft modern house ideas and designs

Minecraft modern house ideas and designs
Image Credit : Wiederdude

Click to watch video tutorial of modern minecraft house

Our first house featured a modern glass house. Who else doesn't like a beautiful modern house in Minecraft? Everyone does. 

RainbowGamerPE initially built this house. You can build this house almost within 10 or 15 minutes. It looks so realistic. 

You can still add your own finishing touches to make it more realistic.

I have written a whole guide on Minecraft modern house tutorial please check it out.

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The second house featured is designed by Rizzial . It also features fantastic designs with a unique porch and pool area. 

You can get a little bit of inspiration on how a modern house should look like. Neat and clean designs with fully furnished interiors. There is still room for your own ideas to make it look much better.

JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial is a great Minecraft world designer; he has designed many mindblowing houses and structures. 

You can definitely check him out. He designed this modern and facade-designed house with great effort. 

Here are another house's ideas by Rizzial  .Great house design with simple and easy to build. Rather than another bigger house, it is a simple yet fantastic house design. It is small and compact in size but has plenty of indoor space. You can use your imaginations to make it cooler. 

How about the gardens and greenery in your modern Minecraft house? It sounds cool, isn't it? You heard it right. 

This modern house got plenty of space and a beautiful garden on its rooftop. It looks impressive and is easy to build, and you can complete it within some hours. 

It is quite unique and has a lawn area on its roof, as well as a spacious balcony and a swimming pool. You won't find such complete house designs, I guess.

Wooden Minecraft House Ideas

Wooden Minecraft houses are easy to build. Looks impressive and doesn't need any special texture packs or materials to build these Minecraft houses. 

You can simply log in to Minecraft and find the best terrain and directly dive into it. Wooden houses are the best example that shows how you can build a simple Minecraft house without spending a lot of time and energy. 

I have listed the five most beautifully crafted houses that you can at least try to build.

Our first wooden Minecraft house was designed and built by Folli , A popular youtube creator. 

How does it feel to see a fully furnished and amazing indoor design feels great, right? This wooden house design gave me a similar vibe. It is the most beautiful indoor design I have ever seen so far. Try building this house and surprise your Minecraft partner. Just go for it.

What about a fully designed deluxe cabin? Here is another featured wooden Minecraft cabin by Greg Builds. 

It is a large wooden cabin; It has a full-size basement, a wraparound deck. As well as the full-sized upstairs and upper lofts. 

This building even has two side dormers, which I really liked. As they are very stylized in the wooden building. This cabin is quite large, but it can be built with easy to gather materials. 

I would say this wooden house is better tagged as a "wooden modern Minecraft house" because it is a wooden house with modern looks built by Greg Builds.

 Another house by Greg Builds. He is excellent at building Minecraft houses. You might have probably already seen it. 

This house has an allegiant but compact feel. It is just great for quick shelter. For building this house, we don't even need too many resources. Easy to build and great design.

Another Modern Wooden house by sheepGG. Beautifully crafted. It is a two-story wooden house with great interior design. 

Lighting doubles the beauty of this house. You will have quite a big space upstairs. You will be having a beautiful view through its windows crafted with mirrors. Just give it a try to build this house.

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Last but not least, the wooden Minecraft houses series on our list. We have luxury wooden cabins. It has a vaulted roofline and gives a vibrant feel with natural lights inside a house. It has a large covered entrance roof as well as Two large law firms on the second level. I really like this building.

Minecraft Beach House ideas

Here we have a gorgeous Modern beach house that can be built in Minecraft. Everyone likes cool windy and the sound of seas, rivers, etc. If you really like that same feeling as I do. Build the Beach House in Minecraft. You will love it, I bet. In case you don't have any idea how to get started here I am, I have brought you a video through it you can build a modern beach house in Minecraft. 

This featured house is beautifully designed, and it has an extensive interior with three floors and a unique garage. It comes with two terraces, a pool, and a beautiful garden. You will definitely need a bit more materials and a bit more time to build it, But it is worth building.

Underground Minecraft house ideas

Living underground is a dream for many of us. The only place to make our dream come true is Minecraft. Why don't you make your dream alive by building underground Minecraft houses? Many people think building an underground shelter in Minecraft isn't worth it. But they are wrong. It is a great idea to build an underground house. It is easier to build underground houses as compared to other models of houses which stand above the ground. Less use of materials, ease to build, etc. are some of the features of underground Minecraft houses. 

I have a stunning underground apartment. It is just a great idea and inspiration to build underground houses in Minecraft. This building consists of four ladders to get inside. There is plenty of room and indoor spaces in this building. If you are really interested in building one of these, you can include your own imaginations to make it better.

Next, We have an underground farm base. I tried building something similar to this, but I couldn't do it. It is very time-consuming and requires significant effort to build one of these. Farm bases are basically a compound where you can do almost everything. You can farm, grow vegetation, etc. within your base. You will require a lot of building experiences to build one of these. If you are a good builder, you can do better.

Minecraft Medieval House Ideas

Medieval Houses in Minecraft are extremely easy to build and require fewer resources. It is best from a survival point of view. You can build these houses for surviving modes. After a long fight and less health remaining, you can quickly build these houses and be safe.

I am going to feature a Medieval house designed and built by Cubey. Everyone adores a beautiful, compact, and narrow rooftop. It is Cleanly designed so that you can customize it for its better looks. There are many opportunities that you can get after using a little bit of your artwork and experience in building Minecraft.

Minecraft Treehouse ideas

TreeHouse Ideas in Minecraft is a very unique idea. There are very few players that tried building tree houses in Minecraft. I am giving you the idea and example of a treehouse that is very unique that you might not have imagined. So let's dig in.

This treehouse is super cool and looks similar to hobbit holes. These Treehouses in Minecraft are super easy to build. You can build a whole village in no time. These are super easy because you want to build these within the trees, so there is no need to work on a necessary foundation. You don't need to be professional or artistic to throw the tree together. If you are a beginner to Minecraft, you can build one or similar to these.

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That's pretty much it for this article. I hope you are inspired by at least one of those Minecraft House ideas. You can connect us socially from the above given social icons. I will definitely appreciate it if you share it with your friends and Minecrafters.

 Thanks see you around.