Minecraft Diamond Blocks Rarest Material to Craft

Want to get rid of those old and stone-aged interiors in Minecraft? If yes then Minecraft diamond block is the best option. Don't know how to obtain it? No worries, I will help you to achieve it in no time.

Minecraft Diamond Blocks

Minecraft Diamond Block

Diamond is one of the rarest items in Minecraft. It is precious and so tricky to locate. It is challenging to get diamond ores. It is used to create high-tier and very durable tools.

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 Also, It has various practical uses in Minecraft. Diamond Ore in Minecraft can be found beneath layer 16. but also can be located between layer 5 to layer 12. Be careful because you will encounter a lot of lava flow and you don't want to go up in flames.

 You will need a lot of durable carving material to obtain diamond ores. Materials like iron will be the best option to mine diamond ore. Iron is ubiquitous and has a higher mining speed. So I recommend you use iron as a carving material for the best results.

 If you are lucky enough, you can find diamonds in natural chests that can be found around Minecraft. Using diamonds, a diamond block can be created in Minecraft.

Here is seven Ways to Craft diamonds

Spelunking In Minecraft

Spelunking is a great idea to obtain diamond blocks without having to dig underneath and without spending a lot of time digging. Spelunking generally depends upon luck. It is a process of exploring caves in Minecraft. It is, of course, less time-consuming and requires fewer tools to obtain it.it is a little bit dangerous because there could be monsters within your caving location. You have to find caves that generally extend up to levels 12-15. 

Blow Up Tnt

It is a great idea to Obtain Diamond ores. You don't need a lot of time if you already have gunpowders. If you are out of gunpowder, then you might require to kill a lot of creepers to extract gunpowder from them. After obtaining a decent amount of gunpowder, it's just a snap of a finger to mine and obtains Diamond Block in Minecraft.

Uses of Diamond blocks

There are various materials that can be crafted using diamonds I have listed down below.

  1. Diamond axe
  2. Diamond hoe
  3. Diamond Pickaxe
  4. Diamond shovel
  5. Diamond Helmet
  6. Diamond Chestplate
  7. Diamond Leggings
  8. Diamond Boots
  9. Diamond Sword

Diamond Blocks Are generally used for decorations. It is a sign of wealthy Minecraft players. It is a very effective way to gain popularity by showing these rare materials in multiplayer servers.

Another practical use of Diamond block is You can save a lot of space. As each diamond block contains nine diamonds so you can adjust a lot of diamonds in a smaller area by converting them to diamond blocks.

It is a very effective way to power beacons.

How To Craft Diamond Block In Minecraft

Crafting Diamond blocks in Minecraft is extremely easy after you obtain enough diamonds. 

  1. You will need nine diamonds to craft each Diamond block.
  2. Open your crafting menu, and you will see 3*3 grids.
  3. Add nine diamonds in each box in the grid

Now, After Filling each box in a 3*3 grid with diamonds, you will obtain a diamond Block in Minecraft.

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