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How to get hypixel Server to play Minecraft in 2020  l Patchescrafts

I have written a whole lot of guides On getting a hypixel server For Minecraft.

Hypixel Server is a vast network of Minecraft servers. You can get almost any type of server related to Minecraft out there. It is one of the highest and best quality server sites in the world.

There are a vast number of servers around the globe, but hypixel is one of its kind.

You have to keep in mind that hypixel servers are only available for java edition, Formerly it was convenient for pocket edition too. 

Hypixel server was created to play different versions of maps and display another side of Minecraft games. Hy pixel is very popular among Minecrafters around the world. 

Not just Minecraft players, there are various other minigames available there. Bedwars, Skywars, cops, and crimes are some of them. Because of its vast availability and great sources of servers, it has become so popular.

How to get the hypixel server

It has always been a question for Minecraft, how do you get a hypixel server? So to give our user a basic idea of it, We have come across this article.

Before getting a hypixel server, you must purchase a Minecraft, or in other words, you must have a Minecraft account. It should be running a Minecraft java edition. It only works in the java edition. 

Different versions of Minecraft like console, Pocket edition, or Windows 10 won't be eligible. If you haven't got one Minecraft official account purchase from Official Minecraft Website. You can easily make a purchase there, and you are good to go. 

The next step is making everything ready. Install official Minecraft login and join the hypixel server in the multiplayer server list.

Hypixel Server list

Hypixel got its own server, of course. The hypixel server address or the hypixel server IP is:


It is always the same server name once you get remembered. It's a lot easy to get into the hypixel server In 2021.

Hypixel server Status

Finding the status of hypixel is a little bit of a difficult task. 

I have gone through various articles and find out one of the websites that give you the server status of hypixel.


You can find where the server is located and the ping of that server. 

You just have to go to the website, and it will automatically display all the required information. If you are really searching for it, you can give it a try.

You can Visit pingserverstatus for the current hypixel server status.

How to get hypixel Server to play Minecraft in 2020  l Patchescrafts

How to play Minecraft in hypixel server

To make it easy, I have linked down to get an idea of how to join a hypixel server. I hope it will help you have a better understanding and easy to get inside the hypixel server.

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