How To Make A Fence In Minecraft- Step By Step Guide With Pictures

 You are about to learn how to make a fence or fence gate in Minecraft.

Fences are very helpful while playing in survival mode. Fences help to ensure safety. It somehow protects us from creepers and mobs. Fences can also be used for decorative purposes.

It can be used while making horse stables or other protective barriers to animals.

Fences are often used while farming. Fence gates, Stables, farms, construction of bridges, underwater construction, and waterproof doors are some applications of fense.

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How To Make a Fence In Minecraft

In Brief

To make a fence in Minecraft you need to open a 3*3 crafting grid, place any two wooden planks in the top left grid, two sticks in the central top grid, and then again two same wooden planks in the top right grid.

As easy as that, you have made a fence in Minecraft. You can now see wooden fences in the right box of the grid. Now move it to your inventory for future use.

Step-by-Step Guide (With Pictures)

This guide explains a detailed process of making fences with screenshots and a step-by-step guide.

There are two types of fences in Minecraft i.e: nether brick fence and wooden fence.

wooden fences can be made with any kind of wood available. It is easier to make but nether brick fences are better to make as nether brick blocks are water and fire-proof as well.

Here is the detailed guide to making a fence.

Make wooden fence in Minecraft

Wooden fences are quite popular, easy to make, and easy to collect materials that are required for making fences in Minecraft.

In order to make a wooden fence, you need wooden planks.

Required Materials:

  1. Wooden Planks
  2. Stick

1.Make Wooden Planks In Minecraft

Required Materials
  1. Any wooden logs

Crafting Process

Open a 3*3 Crafting grid, Place any wooden log in the center grid of a crafting grid, Now you can see wooden planks on the right of a crafting menu. Move it to the inventory for making fences.

Note: Wooden logs and wooden planks are two different materials. Wooden Logs are used to craft wooden planks.

2.Make Stick In Minecraft

Sticks generally don't have that much use in Minecraft but it is very useful while crafting other materials in Minecraft.

Sticks can be crafted with any kind of wooden planks. Oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, crimson are some of the examples of wood planks that can be used to make sticks.

Required Materials
  1. Any Wooden Plank

Crafting Process

Open your 3*3 crafting menu, Place a wooden plank in the middle of the first row of the crafting grid and place another wooden plank in the middle of the second row of your crafting grid now you will obtain a stick in Minecraft.

Crafting Recipe of a Wooden Fence In Minecraft

After collecting all those materials that I have listed above you can move on to the crafting process of a wooden fence.

I.Open Your Crafting Menu

Open Your crafting menu, You will see 3*3 Grids.

II.Place Items to your Grid

a.Place Two wooden planks in the middle left and top left grid.

b.Place two sticks in the central grid and top middle grid.

c.Place two wooden planks in the middle right and top right grid as shown in the image below.

How To Make A Fence In Minecraft | Minecraft Fence Recipe

III.Move your fence to the inventory

Now you can see a couple of fence blocks appear in the right-most single grid. Move it to your inventory to make fences.

IV.Create a Fence With Fence Blocks

Now You can place those fence blocks on the hard surface. It will automatically attach with the next block and make a barrier. 

Now it depends upon your creativity to make a variety of uses with fences in Minecraft.

Video Guide

Video Credit:theMinecraftMethod

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