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How To Use a Fishing Rod In Minecraft

Is there much to know about fishing in Minecraft?

Well, quite a bit!

Fishing is one of the best activities that help players for an interesting game-play. Fishing is a very good activity that can be done in Minecraft. It is quite a fun activity. Someone has a hobby in fishing, does not matter whether it in real life or in the game. We are going to learn How to do fishing in Minecraft or how to use a fishing rod in Minecraft.

In order to do a fishing activity in Minecraft, you would require a fishing rod. So the foremost thing we are going to do is make a fishing rod in Minecraft.

How To Make a Fishing Rod In Minecraft

To craft one, all you need is three sticks and two pieces of string. The three sticks are placed forming a diagonal line from left-bottom to right-top, whereas the strings need to be placed vertically below the right-top stick one after another. Now you can see a fishing rod on the right of your crafting table. Move it to your inventory to do some fishing activity in the future.

Secondly, fish do not usually run on land so you must definitely find a body of water. If not, you can create a pool of your own.

How To Use a Fishing Rod In Minecraft

Now, you are all set to be the fisherman with a fishing rod. You make an aim and click on the screen to launch the bobber into the pool.

In the pool, you can’t see the fish by themselves. So, you need to focus on the trail of water particles that they leave behind. Be careful, not to confuse it with the bubbles arising around the hook. The trails would have significantly more particles with a moving fluid motion. When the fishes get right up to your bobber, you see it quickly deep into the water making a loud splash which means a fish has bitten. When this happens (With this happiness), you only have half a second to get it back with the fish.

Want to fish like a pro?

Fishing in a body of water that isn’t directly exposed to external(sunlight/moonlight) lights will increase the time it takes relying on a catch by 200%(double).

It takes almost quarter-the-less time to catch a fish when it’s raining. So, you better search for the rainy area’s in the game while fishing.

You can also get the fishing rod enchanted. 

These are the four most important enchantments with which you can enchant your fishing rod:

  • Unbreaking -Used in order to increase the durability of the fishing rod
  • Mending- Uses experience for mending the fishing tool
  • Lure- Used to enhance the rate of fish biting your hook. 
  • Luck of the sea- Used to increase the probability of getting valuable items

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