How to build an easy house in Minecraft

How to build an easy house in Minecraft

build an easy house in Minecraft | Minecraft House Ideas | Modern House In Minecraft

You might have just started with Minecraft, maybe even died trying to survive the first night. Either way, I’m going to show you how to build an easy house in Minecraft and the most basic shelter you need to survive your first few nights.

Let’s get started

We are going to build a simple and easy Minecraft house in the block space of 5 x 5 with minimum headspace. Why this simple you might ask?

We only need minimal material

You might only have limited time due to the night coming

Need to be protected against probable incoming attacks from monsters

With that said, let’s build it!

Building this easy Minecraft house

Find the best location

We need to find a location that’s in the open with no hills next to it like the picture below, preferably located on a nice open field. This will allow us to see what’s coming.

Gather Materials

First thing first we need to get around 60 dirt blocks. This will allow us to build the walls, roof, and passageway. Grab your fists and go get some dirt. Alternatively, you can make a wooden shovel to save some time digging for dirt. So once you have gathered enough material we can start with the “foundation”.

The Foundation

The foundation of this little starting shelter is pretty simple. As you can see the layout is pretty simple, 5 blocks X 5 blocks with a small entrance of 4 blocks. This will allow for efficient but minimal space inside for the first and even the second night.

We need to dig 1 block down in a 5 x 5 square meter area. This saves us some on dirt. Then right after that, we will be digging a type of entrance and window, 4 blocks but keep it on the edge.

Let’s build some walls

Ok, let’s get started on the walls. Build 2 blocks up around the entrenchment that we have made. Once the walls are up you can build a roof on top of that walls leaving a vertical 2 block space inside. See the picture below:

The entrance/window to this easy house in Minecraft

So next up is building the window or the entrance to the house. You can see below we just build a simple tunnel-like entrance:

Let’s test it out!

Lastly, run inside and close the entrance by placing a few blocks in the entrance and there you go, you have a little easy starter house in Minecraft.

In the end, you have a small house with room to hide from any incoming attacks during the night by hiding around the corner but also have the ability to see the sun come out.

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