Taiwan holds military drill amid China tension


In an effort to showcase its military capability, Taiwan conducted military drills designed to replicate a potential offensive from china.

The military exercises were overseen by the president. saying, when and the armed forces practiced countermeasures for a bioweapons attack. This is an annual exercise targeting the Chinese people's liberation army. Four military aircraft including Taiwan self-made indigenous Defensive fighter, the u.s made air for one six v, and French-made mirage, landed in rural southern ping-pong county to replicate the measures against china's aggressive moves.

 This latest set of military drills is part of Taiwan’s five-day Fenghuang military exercise designed to prepare the island's force for an attack by China. Now Taiwan has been complaining for more than a year about repeated missions by china's air force. Near the Island, china has been ramping up its military presence over the island. Which it claims as its own territory.

 Taiwan’s air force last week scrambled military jets against renewed Chinese military maneuvers ahead of the annual war games exercises. 19 aircraft including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. thus, violating Taiwan’s airspace protocols. 

This latest incursion of Chinese military jets came just days After Taiwan’s defense ministry said china's armed forces can paralyze the island's defenses. and, in its annual report to parliament on china's military aggression, Taiwan’s defense ministry presented afar. greater view of the growing crisis that it did last year the latest report suggested that china can launch attacks including blocking communications across the western part of the island. Chain, in order to strengthen its grip over the region.

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