Alibaba group founder Jack Ma resurfaces in Hong Kong

 Alibaba group founder jack ma has resurfaced in hong kong. According to reports, he met business associates in recent days as well.

  He's been largely out of public view since a clampdown by Chinese authorities on his business empire late last year. Now the Chinese billionaire has been keeping a low profile since delivering a speech in October last year in shanghai. During the speech, he took on Chinese regulators Criticized the decision-makers. This triggered then a series of events that resulted in the shelving of his and the group's mega IPO. He once he was once regarded as china's most famous and outspoken entrepreneur made only a limited number of public appearances in mainland china after that face-off with the CPC authorities. Recently, speculations have grown about his whereabouts. Reports say that this is my first trip to hong kong. Since last October, Alibaba group has refused to comment on his hong kong visit. Alibaba and its tech rivals have been the target of a wide-ranging regulatory crackdown in China. Issues range from monopolistic behavior to consumer rights. The e-commerce behemoth was fined a record 2. 75 billion dollars in April over monopoly violations. Earlier this year, regulators also imposed a sweeping restructuring of And whose bosch 37 billion-dollar initial public, offering in hong kong and on china, guys Nasdaq style star market would have been the world's largest. Now the former English teacher disappeared from public view for three months before surfacing resurfacing in January speaking to a group of teachers by video in May, he made a rare visit to Alibaba's Hangzhou campus in September. Photographs of him visiting several agricultural Greenhouses in the Shenzhen province went viral on Chinese social media and the next day. Alibaba said it would invest 100 billion or 15. 5 billion dollars by 2025, in support of common prosperity becoming the latest corporate giant. To pledge support for the wealth-sharing initiative driven by president xi Jinping.

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