Austria's Sebastian Kurz steps down as chancellor amid graft claims

Implicated in a corruption scandal, Austria's far-right chancellor Sebastian Kurtz is now announced that he's stepping down in what he is describing as an effort to try and defuse a government crisis. The announcement caps curtsy's rise in politics and also the tumultuous four years as chancellor.

  In which his government already had collapsed once Sebastian Kurtz, who in 2017 became the world's youngest democratically elected leader, the age of 31, said that he wanted to make space to prevent more chaos. Enough 35-year-old leader has proposed that foreign minister alexander Schellenberg shall replace him: The pressure on Sebastian Kurtz to Resign started after prosecutors raided several locations earlier this week, linked to his people's party prosecutors announced that Sebastian, Kurtz, and nine other individuals were under investigation over claims of having taken bribes and that government money was being used between the years 2016 and 2018 in a very corrupt deal to ensure positive media coverage of Sebastian Kurtz, while he was chancellor lacrosse's close Associates, are accused of trying to secure his rise to the leadership of his party and also the country with the help of manipulated polls and also Friendly reportage in the media that was financed with public money, Sebastian Kurtz, who became the people's party's leader and then the chancellor at the age of 31, has denied that he bribed the media to give him positive coverage. In a statement, Sebastian Kurtz insisted again that accusations against him are completely false and that he will be able to clear all of the accusations that have been leveled against him. In a separate case, the Austrian anti-corruption authorities have put Sebastian Kurtz under investigation in the month of may on suspicion of making false statements to a parliamentary commission, an allegation that he also has rejected. But although he's being investigated for it Sebastian Kurtz has said that he will become the head of his conservative. Austrian people's parliamentary group. Kurtz's party had closed ranks behind him after the prosecutor's announcement of draft claims, but its junior coalition partner, the greens have said that Sebastian Kurtz simply could not remain as chancellor And have demanded that his party should nominate a person of reportable character to replace him Sebastian. Kurtz has criticized the greens. His decision to in fact fill the rug from under his feet

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