Czech PM's party loses election, opposition wins surprise majority


Our top story at this hour in a shocking development prime minister, Andre babelicious centrist party, has narrowly lost the Czech parliamentary polls paving way for the centre right opposition group together to take control of the political scenes in the central European country. The two-day election to fill 200 seats in the lower house of the parliament took place shortly after details emerged of Babish's overseas financial dealings in the pandora papers.

  Babish has, however, denied any involvement. Babish also came under fire over his government's handling of the covid 19 pandemic. With all the votes countered, the liberal-conservative three-party coalition captured 27. 8 percent of the vote beating babish's Arnold party, which won 27. 1 percent of the voting ballots babish congratulated together leader for the election results Um. The block was one of two coalitions formed ahead of the election, aimed at ousting babish from power.  A center-Left liberal coalition of the pirate party and stan a group of mayors received 15. 6 percent of the vote to finish. Third, the election results also mark an end to check era's communist era. Czech voters have now evicted the communists from parliament for the first time since the end of world war ii. The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia registered 3. 62 percent of the votes, with nearly all precincts reporting, the communists lingered, mostly in isolation after 1989, though they cooperated with other parties seeking votes to pass legislation in parliament. The party regained political influence in 2018, when babish, who is a former communist party member leaned on them, for support to form his government

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