Facebook experiences another service interruption

After one of the longest outages in facebook's history, the social media platform, and its sister-ups experienced another service interruption on Friday. According to reports, some users were unable to load their Instagram feeds, while others were not able to send messages via Facebook, messenger web monitoring.

  Group down detector showed that there were more than 36 incidents of people reporting Issues with Instagram on Friday, while another 800 issues were reported on facebook's messaging app. According to the social media giant, the latest service disruption happened due to a configuration change and was not in any way related to Monday's outage. Facebook acknowledged the disruptions it's second in less than a week and issued a statement saying that it is working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. A Facebook spokesperson later said that the issue has been fixed and all the apps are now accessible. On Monday, Facebook witnessed its longest outage in the ups history mark Zuckerberg lost nearly seven billion dollars after the Instagram Facebook messenger. What's WhatsApp and Oculus VR services faced a worldwide disruption, while the company has not been completely clear as to what caused the six-hour disruption, Facebook held a domain name system or DNS error On its main page as responsible

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