France calls for European Union & United Kingdom treaty on migrants

 the french interior minister Gerald Armenian has called for the start of negotiations for a migration treaty between the European Union and Britain. The Darwinian has urged the British government to uphold its promise to finance the fight against illegal immigrants, who gather on the northern french course seeking to cross over into Britain.

  The French interior minister noted that Migratory pressure is now returning after coven. He also said that France has sharply increased its efforts in stopping migrants from crossing the English channel under an agreement that was reached in July, Britain had agreed to finance the border security in France to the tune of almost about 73. 8 million dollars, but according to reports, British home secretary Preethi Patel threatened to Withhold the money in September in light of the record number of migrants arriving from France. Now, according to dharmenin, french maritime authorities are now stopping nearly about 75 percent of the migrant boats seeking to cross the English channel. But they want to make this a 100 percent closure of immigrants trying to cross over. If Britain provides the 73 million dollars that it has promised, the money is meant to help fund a doubling of the number of police patrolling French units at the beaches. The dharmenin said that for enough not one euro has been paid by the brits, the interior minister. Further added that France will champion the project where it takes over the EU's rotating presidency coming in the coming January, but the issue of the trafficking of migrants across the channel to southern England is a constant source of friction between Paris and London. A total of fifteen thousand four hundred people attempted to cross the channel in the first eight months of the year, and that is an increase of nearly about fifty percent over the figure for the whole of 2020. . According to french maritime authorities, One man died last month. Trying to cross the English channel in the past two days, the French authorities have reportedly rescued as many as about 130 migrants, whose boats were in distress the french authorities arrested about 180 migrant traffickers and also detained as many as about 4 000. People who are trying to cross the Belgium France border in September, migrants from around the world have long used. Northern France as a launching point to reach Britain, either by getting stowed away in trucks or on small boats organized by smugglers across the English channel. The British and the French governments have worked for several years to stop the journey without much success. Darmanian has said that nearly half the migrants trying to cross from France to Britain came into France from Belgium is also called in Britain to take measures to reduce its attractiveness for migrants without a residency paper but also urging more coordination with other European Union countries to Stem unofficial migration

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