Hello Tractor the latest app to connect farmers to tractor owners in Africa

 Like the right healing app uber hello tractor is the latest app to connect farmers to tractor owners in Africa guys by an Usborne former investment banker. Oliver, the aim of the app is to help farmers increase production at a low cost.

  Oliver says most of the farmers that use the service are small holt. They live below the poverty line, earning less than five dollars per day, and Can not afford to invest in agriculture machinery. Nearly all farmers in the Africa region are reliant on rain-fed agricultural systems. This means that they have to plant on time in order to maximize their yield, there's simply not enough labor available in these rural communities to ensure farmers have access to the labor that they need to plant on time and maximize their productivity. That's where hello tractor Comes in. To ensure the app reaches as many farmers as possible. The company also recruits agents from the community tasked with signing up farmers as well as providing assistance upon booking the app connects. The farmer to the nearest available tractor with the most appropriate equipment for the job. The app requires tractor owners to install a GPS device to the vehicle which tracks its movement but also acts as a booking system monitor, fuel consumption and maintenance needs owners, pay around hundred dollars for the GPS device and between sixty to two hundred dollars a year. For the software packages, They receive ninety percent of the fee charged to the farmer. Ten percent goes to the booking agent. Farmers are only required to pay for the tractor service they receive. The price of flying per acre of land varies from 18 to 31 us dollars depending on the region. The platform currently has access to 3 000 tractors before deployment. The tractor owners receive a deposit and of paid the balance after the work is completed.

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