I'm very glad to be working with PM Modi, says Danish PM Frederiksen

 Denmark's prime minister meter Frederickson is on a state visit to India. Her three-day maiden visit is being touted as a way to consolidate Delhi in Copenhagen's future ties.

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  She and her delegation held talks with prime minister Narendra Modi and the Indian delegation. Of course, the Indian prime minister has been invited to Denmark for the nordic summit. A total of four memorandums of understanding were signed between the countries. Apart from this, many commercial agreements have also been signed between private companies, clean energy, and climate change, of course, took center stage. During the meeting at Hyderabad House, prime minister Modi put forward India's global goal towards a greener future and his danish counterpart complemented The initiative by saying that, while Copenhagen has the skill, India has the skill to achieve the mission listening last year. Virtually. Unfortunately, because we were not able to meet physically as we are today, we agreed on a very ambitious green strategic partnership. I know that a lot of countries are looking at this strategic partnership because, as You said, Modi that day and have said on several occasions, we have some of the skills, but you have for sure the scale. Today we agreed on a number of concrete green new ideas on water, green fuel, just to mention some view, and we also agreed to work even closer together on areas as health and agriculture. Our green corporation is now a part of a very ambitious five years. The joint action plan, apart from green projects, other issues like technology, the health sector, and world order, were also discussed. Both heads of state agreed that there is a huge untapped potential in their relations. The Danish prime minister opened her statement saying that Copenhagen and Delhi are two celebrated democracies and both nations believe in a rules-based world. This comes after Frederickson was formally welcomed with a ceremonial reception at the rashfatim, the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi external affairs minister, SJ Shankar, and the minister of state for external affairs managing was in attendance. The Danish prime minister also made a brief statement about the Indian government's strong commitment towards a green strategic partnership. Listening foreign, after her visit to the presidential house, the Danish prime minister headed to Rajkot. She paid a solemn tribute to mahatma Gandhi by laying a wreath in his honor, and she was also awarded books and a statue of the father of the nation. Frederickson then had an in-person meeting with the Indian external affairs Minister, Sri Shankar. The Danish prime minister is also going to meet president Ramnath later today. These three days are going to be momentous for both countries. Historically, Denmark and India have also shared a strong relationship, especially on the people-to-people front. More than 200 danish companies are present in India and more than 60 Indian companies have a presence in Denmark. Both countries already have strong collaboration in the fields of renewable energy, clean technologies, water and waste management, and even science and technology. The Indian government's push for smart cities and a greener future has particularly been appreciated by Denmark.  

 The key outcome of the meeting between Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Denmark, prime minister, was on clean water on green fuel. On partnership on health and agriculture, we know that both India and Denmark have a green strategic partnership, and that was the outcome of the last year's virtual meeting and during the meeting which happened today, Both sides agreed to take it forward as well. Also uh, the Denmark prime minister talked about the democratic credentials of both countries. The Indian prime minister appreciated that Denmark has been supporting India at various international forums, but essentially the visit marks the beginning of in-person meetings here in Delhi at the heads of government and state levels. We know that the last such visit at this level was in February of last year, when Myanmar, the Then Myanmar president had visited the country and since then, because of the Covid pandemic, no visits were happening. So this visit is the start of that process. We remember Delhi is a very busy capital in terms of diplomacy. A lot of incoming visits have been happening and we can see more such visits happening in the coming months and years and this was specifically mentioned by the Indian prime minister during his opening statements. Talking about how This very hall, which has seen a number of press statements, was empty because of the Covid pandemic, but now there will be more such meetings happening and more press statements happening at the Hyderabad house here in Delhi.

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