India: Nepali Congress delegation meets EAM Jaishankar


A delegation from the ruling Nepalese Congress party has met with the Indian external affairs minister s j Shankar. The visit comes amid the new Nepalese government remaining unmoved on the Kalapana board dispute.

  Kalapani is an area of roughly 372 square kilometers. It is located at a tree junction point between Nepal, India, and China. Although the territory is part of the Indian administration, its Historical claim has been contested for decades. The dispute again flared up in 2019 when the Indian government depicted Kalapani in its new political map. The map shows Kalapani as part of pitroga district in Uttarakhand. The Indian government had also opened an 80-kilometer long road to the area since then, and a government change later. Nepal continues to protest. The Indian government's claim. The delegation said that the meeting was very good and Agreed that the border dispute must be resolved through diplomatic dialogue.

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