Middle East: Lebanon plunges into darkness after grid failure


Lebanon has planched into a state of total blackout. Two main power stations are not operational as they have run out of fuel.

  The Mediterranean country has been struggling to import enough fuel to keep the power plants running. This comes at a time when it is battling. One of the worst economic crises in the world since the 19, the 1850s in most places electricity is barely available for an hour officials say there is a complete Collapse of the network without any possibility of restoring it for the time being. This is the second such power outage since the start of the month. Restoring electricity is one of the many tough challenges facing the government in Lebanon. Several steps are being taken in a desperate attempt to keep the lights on. Lebanon has reached an agreement towards bringing Jordanian electricity and Egyptian gas into the country via Syria. The state is also bringing in some fuel oil for power stations in exchange for medicare services. The international community has been demanding a complete overhaul of Lebanon's electricity sector, which has been running in losses. It has cost the government more than 40 billion dollars since the end of the 1975 to 1990 civil war

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