Newborn baby spends 9 hours at sea to reach British shores with mother

She is just weeks old but has already undertaken a journey. Few will ever comprehend.

  How old is this baby 40 days at sea for nine hours before being rescued by the RNLI, her life now, quite literally, in the hands of the home office? Her name is ayan born at some point. During her parent's journey from Iraq on arriving at Dungeness, she hadn't been fed for two hours, prompting concern Among police and border force officials, but for her exhausted mother, there's just sheer relief. The worst is now over. Why did you risk her life to come across the channel? The dangers they face are put into sharp relief. When you see the boat, they traveled in barely big enough for ten. It carried four times that a window of karma weather has seen crossings increase with french authorities also seeming to have played Apart on Friday. Sky news witnessed migrants leaving France in the full gaze of police there. Who did nothing to stop them? It appears to have been no different this time around. Did they did you see the French police? No, don't say anything because the police are not like a dangerous man from another country. He doesn't say he respect me. He said just wait. If you can't, you wait now big bot come, they think you'll. Do that it's a good life. I say. Thank you very much, so the police, the police, did not try and stop you in France, from leaving in the boat. No for one migrant, the risk-taking wasn't over attempting to make a break for it across the shingle and into the marshes beyond he didn't get far brought back in handcuffs five minutes later from here, the migrants will be taken to Dover, where they'll be processed, none of Them can know what lies ahead of that, but they're all certain it's better than what they've left behind as if to underline the point, as one group left, another arrived around 70 in the space of three hours when some are willing to risk everything to reach these shores, the crossings will be very difficult to stop.

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