Perrottet tours pub ahead of Greater Sydney reopening


The new south wales premier is pleading for patience and kindness as hospitality venues open after 106 days in lockdown, Kenny Heatley is live at a pub in western Sydney where Dominic Peralta has been inspecting before the big day Kenny has a lot of anticipation ahead for tomorrow. There certainly is, and here at the Marsden brewhouse in western Sydney, they say that the phones have been running hot with bookings.

  There is a lot Of interest with people wanting to get back out there who have had their two doses so, and this kicks in the lockdown officially end at one past midnight tonight and that's when cinemas shopping. Centers clubs bars restaurants cafes. They could all open to people who have had two doses of the ca of the vaccine, but uh premier, Dominic permit, is urging people to just have a little bit of kindness, Particularly to staff in hospitality venues as they work through the issues that may arise With this treat everybody like your neighbor's daughter or son, because if we treat everybody with kindness and respect, if we take personal responsibility, uh we'll get through this difficult time, it has been a long road 106 days in lockdown the media opportunity with the premier today uh. He was helping to take Kegs off the back of a truck and the health minister, brad hazard was helping out as well moving kegs into a cool room. He even had had some training on how to tap a beer keg to get the beers flowing ahead of tomorrow. Here's how that went, what a great the media opportunities they don't always go to plan, but one of the big questions from today is are the lgas of concern? No more will there be any lga or anyone in a lga or town that will be Confined to their lga or town from tomorrow. Of course, western people, west and southwest Sydney people have been living under for weeks, much harsher conditions and much harsher restrictions than people in the east of the city, and that is the case. They will not have any restrictions, they'll be on the same board as everyone else from tomorrow. Here's more from the health minister as of midnight tonight. One second part One minute past midnight: tonight: Sydney is one great city as it always should have been, but unfortunately this virus ruined it for a few months, but we're back together. Now we get out and enjoy it, but cautiously and carefully and politely many people counting. Those minutes Kenny and I got an update on the service new south wales check-in app. Where is that up to ahead of tomorrow? Okay, well victor dominello, the customer Services minister. He said it was only just a week ago where they got all the data from the federal government, the vaccine data. Now it has been trialled the app it's up and running, but it's been trialed in port Macquarie, Wagga, Wagga, Lismore, and Tamworth, with a base of around 500 vaccinated people. Here's an update from victor Romanello, it's really seamless! So far. It literally took me less than two minutes, but this will not Come into place until next week, because we've got to make sure that we have the privacy and security settings in place in preparation for statewide rollout commencing the week of 18 October, so that check-in system To get into venues, it's not going to be ready by tomorrow and so you'll have to check in, as you usually do through the service new south wales app. But then you'll also have to show your vaccination certificate uh through medicare. So it Will be a two-step process, but that app is assuring that it's only just going to be one step, but the numbers in new south wales. They continue to track in the right direction. Today there were 477 new daily cases. That's the lowest number we've had since August 17. There were six more deaths. Six men have died in the latest 24-hour reporting period. Also, hospitalizations and ICU rates continue to track on the way down, as well, probably giving the premier more Confidence that these settings will be handled in the right way journey. So it's looking good in new south wales in terms of the numbers. Hopefully, it stays that way once we start opening up.

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