Tesla halts Gigafactory approval after local outrage


Tesla has opened the doors to its controversial new Giga factory near Berlin. Construction at the plant had started under an exceptional procedure granted by authorities two years ago, however, opposition from the locals over environmental concerns has held up the final approval to start production.

  In a few months, basically November or December, In terms of and hopefully deliver our first cars in December, but starter production is is kind of the easy part. The hard part is reaching volume. Production is just incredibly difficult. That's why I say prototypes are easy. Production is hard, and so from the point at which we start making cars, it will take longer to reach high Volume production than it took to build the factory. It's really difficult. Demonstrators gathered at the site. Some people carried signs that red stop tesla despite the local resistance construction has been completed in no time large parts of the pine forests replaced with concrete tesla started construction at the site in 2019. After receiving preliminary approval under a special procedure, However, local authorities are still in process of evaluating the environmental impact of the factory. This, despite the construction being all but finished, residents are concerned about the impact that the plant could have on the water supply and biodiversity. They have sent letters held protests and even gone to court to try and stop the project. The 300-hectare plot has been used to build the world's biggest battery factory in the event that the factory is not approved, the carmaker will be compelled to dismantle it at its own cost.

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