West African country Sierra Leone abolishes death penalty

Sierra Leone is the 23rd African country to repeal death sentence after a long campaign to end capital punishment the country's president signed a bill abolishing the death penalty calling it an act against human rights.

After long resisting a formal ban on capital punishment, the government announced abolition plans in May, and later in July, the plan got the green light from the parliament under the new law execution will be replaced. With life imprisonment or a minimum 30-year jail time for crimes such as murder or mutiny.

  Sierra leone which is still recovering after decades of civil war had frequently come under fire from rights groups for keeping capital punishment on the books. Although there have been no executions since 1998. Death sentences were often commuted as of 2020. 94 people were living under the death penalty more than 70 percent of the world's countries have abolished capital punishment in law or practice. However, the death penalty continues to exist in many parts of the world. 

Official data isn't available out of china but according to multiple reports, the maximum number of executions takes place. 

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